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6 September, 2016: What was COINTELPRO?

6 September, 2016:   What was COINTELPRO?

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Story 1:  What was COINTELPRO?  Some say many 3rd Parties have been compromised by the modern day COINTELPRO. Some say that is why they nominate Presidential candidates that don’t talk about the real issues, of Forced unsafe vaccines, and the New World Order, and the takeover by the Globalists.  What do you think?
On March 8th, 1971, Activists broke into the FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania.  They found scores of documents that they released, that told of a government operation called: "COINTELPRO."   COINTELPRO meant: “Counter Intelligence Program.” 
The data showed that beginning in 1956, and until it was exposed in 1971, that COINTELPRO was a FBI operation, to use covert operations to infiltrate groups on American Soil that threatened the power of the 1% and the power of the New World Order.  The groups infiltrated included minor political parties, groups opposed to unlawful war, groups that studying the Constitution of The United States of America, groups opposed to the New World Order, groups opposed to pollution, groups opposed to the abuses of the IRS, and groups opposed to unsafe nuclear power plants. Also targeted and infiltrated were 2nd Amendment Groups, and Christian Churches.  The infiltrators were used to make provocative statements, that New World Order Assets in the Mainstream News Media would highlight to discredit Patriots and those who dare to question the New World Order.  They also ensured that the weakest candidates would be nominated in minor political parties; that the strongest would be blocked.  They sought to create internal havoc within these groups.

In 1976, the United States Senate Church (Senator Frank Church) Committee, issued in their final report this searing critique: “Legal restrictions were ignored.” And added: “What happened to turn a law enforcement agency into a law violator?”  The FBI, CIA, NSA and other Federal Agencies each had their own domestic spying programs to protect the power and perpetual income of the 1%, and those who favor the New World Order. 

While the COINTELPRO operation was exposed in 1971, it was renamed and enlarged to what we have before us today.  Below is a highly censored NBC news account that leaves off any mention of the New World Order.

Story 2:  This is so wrong.  How could Congress allow this?

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