Tuesday, October 11, 2016

10 October, 2016: Cyber attack on Nuclear Power Plant.

10 October, 2016:  Cyber attack on Nuclear Power Plant.  

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Story 1:  Cyber attack on Nuclear Power Plant.   I suppose, at some stage, or in some way, or on some day, when the Globalists of the One World Government of the New World Order want to move forth, they will cause a cyber attack that will cause a Nuclear Power Plant (or multiple Nuclear Power Plants in the United States of America) to have melt-downs, causing Nuclear explosions, killing millions of Americans (from the fallout).  This is why we need to move away from Nuclear Power; we cannot no longer guard it or safeguard it from attacks.  Hemp stands ready to take the place of Nuclear Power.  Another issue; is that Nuclear Power Plants need to be on their own internet.  As I have stated before; we need three internets; one for international, one for only the United States, and one for government (perhaps this should be further divided).        


Story 2:  The ties that bind between Vaccines and Allergies.  Another cover up by the Mainstream News Media to protect their corporate sponsors; I would expect those that own the Mainsteam News Media and the mega pharmaceutical corporations, in many cases, overlap.  


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