Tuesday, October 4, 2016

4 October, 2016: Another HAARP Hurricane? And you sit back and allow this?

4 October, 2016:   Another HAARP Hurricane?  And you sit back and allow this?

We only have Ballot Access in November in the great State of Colorado.   Please vote for us in November if you live in Colorado.  Please share my Presidential Campaign with your friends in Colorado.  Please volunteer and donate.  Save now Your Constitution; or lose it.  In this our nation’s darkest hour; do something for Liberty & Freedom, and God and His Christianity. 

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Story 1:   Another HAARP Hurricane?  And you sit back and allow this? We have the Scientific ability to create, guide and vary the intensity of Hurricanes and Tornados, and of Rain and Earthquakes.   And you just sit back and watch this, and do not share this with your neighbors?  The Globalists of the New World Order that have infiltrated our Federal Government, use HAARP and the ability to create Hurricanes, to keep their agenda and power.  There is no reason to allow Cuba, Haiti, and American States to have to go through this; this is pure corruption in plain sight.  The poor innocent people of Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina, and other States; this is targeting Americans.  This is why I am running for President; to stop HAARP from being used against American Citizens, and other Citizens in other countries.     


Story 2:  The USA Mainstream News Media fails to cover this, but this can be behind the break between the Philippines and the USA, the use of HAARP.  Is HAARP the reason; remember the massive typhoon that hit Leyete?  We can stop or create Typhoons or Hurricanes.  
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