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21January, 2017: How did Davey Crockett, Jim Bowie and Colonel Travis really die at the Alamo?

21 January, 2017:  How did Davey Crockett, Jim Bowie and Colonel Travis really die at the Alamo?

An American Moment: 2016 Presidential Candidate:  Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Weekly Great American Alternative News Media Blog Press.

Story 1:  How did Davey Crockett, Jim Bowie and Colonel Travis really die at the Alamo?  Today, we are ethically challenged on so many fronts. One of the great and intense and immense challenges of our day is Fake News.  Fake News comes in several ways and forms.  Let me begin with the Fake News that is “popular” that Davey Crockett surrendered at the Alamo; that Jim Bowie was hidding under his blanket, and that Colonel Travis stabbed himself.  We were not there, but we do know these men died as heroes.  There are some accounts of each of the core three at the Alamo, and how they died.  The most credible accounts, even some from Mexican Soldiers, claim Crockett died fighting; as did Bowie and Colonel Travis.  I note that often those who fan the negative stories, are critical of America, and Americanisms of our goodness and valor; bias against American Heroes is nothing new. 

So please don’t fall for the stories attacking you and the Brave and Heroic Defenders of the Alamo.  More Fake News by the Globalists who seek to destroy our American History and American Culture so they can destroy our Faith in Jesus as The Lord Jesus The Christ, and stop you from reading your Holy Bible (King James Version), and from going to Church, while they seek and scheme to destroy our Beloved and Inspired Constitution.

Part of Fake News is censorship.  When I ran for President of The United States in 2016, no national American Mainstream News Media network covered me; not one story.  Only one story on the local ABC channel here in Flint.  No newspaper stories. This is because I talked about Globalism and the New World Order; censored to protect the 1% and powers that be.

Story 2:  Super Bugs and Immigration:  “No Borders” and a terrible immigration policy, is causing Super Bugs and disease (some of which we used to have under control) to be threatening us.  Over use of antibiotics is another issue.  In my 2016 Presidential campaign, his was a major issue for me.  26 different antibiotics were used on this person in Nevada, and none worked.  Antimicrobial Resistance is a major issue.  Other stories below explore this issue.

Story 3: Water Safety is in danger; actually past beyond danger.  We need to protect our precious Water Aquifers, and fix our water systems; this includes preserving water quality. 

Story 4: One of the hallmarks of our America, is the peaceful transfer of power on Inauguration Day.  This 2017 Inauguration Day was not like the rest.  I really don’t remember an Inauguration Day when a person was shot, and cars set of fire and destroyed.  This was a victory of violence for the Globalists of the One World Government of the New World Order who want to tear apart our America so they can move in and take over.  Please be aware that swearing, vulgarity and Taking the Name of God in vain are all tactical tools of the Globalists of the One World Government of the New World Order.

Story 5:  Vaccines are not safe as they should be; please learn about this.  I was the only major 2016 Presidential Candidate that relentlessly fought for vaccine safety.

Story 6:  Over the last eight years, the National Debt has increased by about $8 Trillion dollars to nearly $20 Trillion dollars.  Over the last eight years, there are around 3,000 new federal regulations. 

Story 7: Student Loan Rip-off news: The Banks and Defense Contractors and Insurance companies and Utility companies all get bailed out or are given favorable terms for their profits to continue all going to the 1%; they are not held accountable.  What about the students and American Homeowners? Nothing but pain and suffering.  The below article goes into how the system is rigged to make American Economic  Slaves; this is globalist dogma.

Story 8: Sad day in America when students cannot handout copies of The Constitution of the United States of America.

Story 9:  GMO and Farming news; stories about how we need to help Great American Farmers be safe, so we can eat safe food.  

Story 10:  China should not be allowed to buy Hollywood.

Story 11: The F-35 Fighter Jet has recently had 276 “faults” and errors indentified.  This is a classic story of how Defense Contractors are not held accountable due to their mega political donations.  Still in development for over 15 years; way behind schedule.

Story 12: Fracking information you should read.  The documentary entitled  Gasland, by Josh Fox is worth your time; Fracking exposed; both natural gas and oil are dangerous via Fracking.

Story 13:  Gender Bending Globalist Agenda discussed.  China is fighting turning boys into girls, and turning girls into boys.   Taking Puberty Blockers, and chemicals in food and fabrics. and toys are destroying boys.  Boys who are victims here, are turned in victims of Feminized Passivity, that do not think for themselves, and become slaves to the Globalists.  Mainstream News Media cover-up (while reported by NBC, they fail to address the real issues of Globalism, and why they are allowing this to happen). 

Story 14: Outside of the fake News and Censored News of the Mainstream News Media (they censored me when I ran for President; only one local TV interview; no newspaper interviews; sickening; how vile and corrupt), there are other voices that cry out with some real news.

Story 15:  This is how it works; the 1%, and many of the Globalists, make all the important rules to block you, and ensure their continual perpetual profits and power.  Just eight men own as much as  the bottom 3.6 billion people of the Earth. 

Story 16: This week, more and more old time American Stores, like Sears, have announced massive store closings.  Another hit is that Ringling Brothers Circus will go down. 

Story 17:  We need to do a better job of safeguarding our bio labs.

Thank you for your Votes on November 8th, 2016, and for your Prayers and other ways of supporting us.  I was Blessed to finish in 24th place of all of the Presidential Candidates nationwide with over 1,096 Votes.  Finishing in 24th place given that 1,786 persons filed a Form 2 (making a person an official Presidential Candidate) with the Federal Elections Commission was a great Blessing.  We finished 10th in Colorado.  Thank you for that opportunity to serve.   Please visit my website at

Praise Ye The Lord,
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Spiritual Thought for the day:  Please remember that you, as a Child of God, can do anything that you want to, as long as it is His Will, and that you are striving to live in accordance with His Holy Commandments, which via obedience to said Commandments and Ordinances, does open the windows and powers of Heaven. 
Let us seek to be “Spiritually Correct” instead of “Politically Correct.”

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