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11 February, 2017: $30 Billion a month Trade Deficit with China; this is the real reason our economy is sour.

11 February, 2017:  $30 Billion a month Trade Deficit with China; this is the real reason our economy is sour.

An American Moment: 2016 Presidential Candidate:  Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke’s Weekly Great American Alternative News Media Blog Press.

Story 1: Trade Deficit with China:  At $30 Billion a month Trade Deficit with China. We are destroying our economy; American families do not have money to shop.  This is also building China’s Military; now surpassing us in some ways.  The Mainstream News Media and Congress will not address this because … they have a financial interest here; directly or indirectly.

Story 2:  Alternative Energy:  We must pursue clean and cost effective energy.  This is the only Earth we have and we must save it. Big Oil” is merely a toy for perpetual profits and power by the 1% and some of the Globalists.  We need to move towards Hemp as a source of power.

Story 3:  Fukushima and Nuclear Power Plants:  In 2016 when I ran for President, I campaign hard against dangerous Nuke Power Plants which are a nightmare waiting to happen.  The leaking Japan nuke plant at Fukushima is a good example of how bad this can get and will get. Greed of the 1% in action. We should be helping Japan with this and not stand by while this situation gets far worse.

Story 4: The Economy:  With our massive trade deficit, Americans don’t have money to shop, and thus stores are closing in mass.  This is a tactic plan by the Globalists to tank our economy.

Story 5: Globalism and the One World Government of the New World Order:  This is how they enslave us and keep their perpetual power and income.  Watch is documentary on Light Bulbs and learn.  The Lightbulb Conspiracy (Full Length - English Subtitles).mp4 – YouTube

Story 6: Defense Readiness: The stories below show the need to fix our Military. It must be based on sound Military Tactics and not based on the political contributions of Defense Contractors, or due to the advice of Generals who are seeking to work with Defense Contractors after the retire.

Story 7: Vaccines and Autism:  Our vaccines are not safe; there are a number of government and peer reviewed reports showing a probably like to vaccines and Autism, and several other health problems.  The stories below discuss this in varying details.

Story 8:  Terrorism:  We need to stop Terrorism and reform immigration before we become like Germany and Sweden.  

Thank you for your Votes on November 8th, 2016, and for your Prayers and other ways of supporting us.  I was Blessed to finish in 24th place of all of the Presidential Candidates nationwide with over 1,096 Votes.  Finishing in 24th place given that 1,786 persons filed a Form 2 (making a person an official Presidential Candidate) with the Federal Elections Commission was a great Blessing.  We finished 10th in Colorado.  Thank you for that opportunity to serve.   Please visit my website at

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Spiritual Thought for the day:  I repeat what I said last week: It is not too late to begin to read from The Holy Bible, so that you can read both the Old and New Testaments within 2017; 7 pages a day; go for it.

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